Even though the surgical cure for sleep apnea comes with corresponding treatment costs - the procedure is worth it and is an investment in a healthier future. That is why the cost alone should not deter you from undergoing this life-changing and life-saving surgery.

Sleep apnea treatment - an investment in your health:

  • Cause elimination for obstructive sleep apnea
  • The only possibility of curing the respiratory disorder
  • Relief from CPAP device and occlusal splint
  • Noticeable increase in the quality of sleep and life
  • Reliable opening of the airway obstruction
  • General improvement of oxygen supply
  • Stopping breathing pauses and snoring
  • Improvement of blood pressure and blood sugar without medication
  • Reduction of cardiovascular risk to normal level
  • Restoring peace in the common marriage bed
  • Increase libido and many other positive effects

Sleep apnea is a disease that should not be underestimated and can quickly become life-threatening if left untreated. If you compare the treatment costs and the health benefits, it quickly becomes clear that the many advantages of sleep apnea surgery cannot be weighed in gold.

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What are the costs of sleep apnea surgery?

The causal therapy of sleep apnea is a minimally invasive surgical procedure and as such is associated with corresponding treatment costs. The costs for sleep apnea surgery rank in the higher five-digit range and include the entire preliminary examination and preparation, the information and the preliminary anesthesia interview, the actual jaw surgery with anesthesia as well as the subsequent hospital stay. The entire follow-up examination and aftercare are also part of the treatment costs for sleep apnea.

The sleep apnea treatment costs consist of the costs for:

  • Preliminary examinations and respiratory analysis
  • Making a cephalogram of the skull
  • Stay in the sleep laboratory with special tests
  • 3D planning of the operation and education
  • Pre-anesthesia interview and blood draw
  • Sleep apnea surgery under general anesthesia
  • Subsequent stay in our clinic
  • Follow-up examinations and aftercare

The exact treatment costs you will incur will be determined by the planning of the individual operation. We will provide you with a transparent cost plan for the entire sleep apnea treatment and go through all listed items with you.

The first non-binding consultation is in any case free of charge.

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Does the statutory health insurance cover the costs of sleep apnea surgery?

As a rule, the statutory health insurance covers the costs of diagnostics and preliminary examinations in the case of proven sleep apnea. However, the assumption of the remaining treatment costs is often denied if there is no particular jaw malposition or if a corresponding additional insurance policy has been taken out.

Private health insurance, on the other hand, usually covers the entire cost of sleep apnea surgery.

Because we know that it can be difficult for health insurance companies to cover the costs, we are happy to offer you our support: We provide comprehensive advice and help you with the application process. Learn more about us in advance or take the test here to see if your health insurance will cover part of the costs for sleep apnea.

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Can the cost of treatment for sleep apnea be tax deductible?

There is one ray of hope: Even if your statutory health insurance refuses to cover the costs of treatment for sleep apnea, the legislator will relieve you. You can deduct almost the entire cost of the operation as an extraordinary burden for tax purposes (§ 33 EstG).

How and under what conditions you can claim the treatment costs at the tax office, we explain in our blog section: Sleep apnea tax deduction.

We will also be happy to advise you personally on the subject. Contact us directly here for a free initial consultation.


Is it possible for the CPAP device to be covered by health insurance?

While the treatment costs for sleep apnea surgery are only covered by the statutory health insurance in exceptional cases, it almost completely covers the costs of a CPAP device. The prerequisite for the health insurance to cover the costs is a prescription from the doctor.

If you have statutory health insurance, you only have to pay a manageable one-time co-payment of ten percent of the dispensing price, with a minimum of five and a maximum of ten euros. The electricity costs for a CPAP device are also reimbursed by the health insurance fund.