Causal sleep apnea therapy is the only way to permanently cure sleep apnea. Unlike technical aids such as the CPAP machine, the therapy does not merely alleviate the symptoms, but eliminates the causes of obstructive sleep apnea.

Causal sleep apnea therapy is a special surgical procedure on the jaw that provides sufficient space in the airways. The lower and upper jaws are relocated and additionally rotated counterclockwise. This causes an opening of the airways and a significant improvement of the symptoms. As a rule, sleep apnea disappears completely as a result of the causal therapy. Through-sleep and snoring problems are also eliminated.

Differences in jaw displacement for sleep apnea elimination

bimaxillary advancement

Without rotation

Insufficiently widened airway after the usual advancement of the jaws.

Bimaxillary Advancement

With rotation

Open airway after advancement of the jaws with CounterClockwise rotation.

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How does causal therapy work?

CPAP provides relief - sleep apnea surgery means cure

Are you tired of putting on your CPAP or BiPAP mask every night and waking up with unsightly pressure marks on your face? Does the loud ventilator cause arguments in the marital bed? Does the device restrict your freedom of movement as a stomach sleeper or when planning a camping trip?

Then get rid of the annoying tubes and constricting mask that only help with symptom relief anyway. Sleep apnea surgery with rotation, unlike the CPAP mask, is actually able to eliminate the cause of the nighttime breathing cessations. Causal therapy cures the anatomically determined form of sleep apnea once and for all by widening the throat.

The advantages of sleep apnea therapy over CPAP:

  • Breathing no longer stops at night.
  • The oxygen saturation in the blood improves.
  • Stays in sleep laboratories become unnecessary.
  • Sleeping without a mask clearly gains in quality.
  • Cardiovascular risk decreases to normal levels.
  • Snoring and tinnitus are noticeably reduced.
  • Your partner will also finally be happy about nightly rest.
  • Circles under the eyes disappear and the complexion improves.
  • The skin is tightened by the surgery and looks younger.
  • Pressure points and a facial deformation are prevented.

Causal sleep apnea therapy has numerous advantages, which we would be happy to show you in a personal consultation. In addition, our patients tell you several success stories about how treatment without a CPAP mask has changed their lives.

These are the advantages of causal sleep apnea therapy over CPAP therapy

No breathing pauses

By moving the upper and lower jaw forward, the airways are cleared, thereby moving the tongue, soft palate and hyoid bone forward as well. Both apneas (cessation of breathing) and hypopneas (reduction of respiratory flow) are thus eliminated. Through the treatment, a cure can be achieved.

No sleep lab visits

By advancing the jaws, the airways are opened sufficiently on a permanent basis, thereby curing sleep apnea. Annoying sleep lab visits are thus a thing of the past.

No more CPAP

By freeing the airways, an adequate oxygen supply is ensured, so that most patients can completely dispense with the CPAP breathing mask / oxygen mask immediately after sleep apnea surgery.

More upright posture

A narrowing of the airways not only means a poor night's sleep, but also a poor oxygen supply during the day. Sleep apnea sufferers tend to unconsciously stretch their head forward in order to keep the airways open. This causes severe tension and pain in the neck, shoulders and back. By widening the airways, posture also improves significantly.

Dental splints no longer necessary

Protrusion splints (snoring splints), which force the lower jaw into a forward position during sleep, can help many sufferers. However, the temporomandibular joints are severely affected and cause severe pain over time. After sleep apnea surgery, the airways are dilated and open. Symptomatic therapy is no longer necessary.

Better appearance

By moving the upper and lower jaw forward, the skin is tightened and the complete face looks more natural and younger. Wrinkles are tightened from the inside. Due to the good oxygen supply, dark circles are reduced and the face regains a healthier color.

Air supply even when awake

Obstructive sleep apnea means: Affected persons have breathing pauses during sleep due to a narrowing of the airways. But the airways are also narrowed during the day and breathing is difficult. Most sleep apnea sufferers do not notice this, however, because the body gradually gets used to it. Although apneas do not occur during waking hours, at least a reduction in respiratory flow does. By eliminating the cause of obstructive sleep apnea through causal therapy, the airways are also open wide enough during the day to ensure an adequate supply of breathing air.

Marriage bed again at last

Not only sleep apnea sufferers suffer from poor sleep quality, but also their own partner. Many report that they feel disturbed in their sleep by the noise generated by the CPAP mask. It is not uncommon for the bed partner to then decide to move out of the shared bedroom. After the cause has been eliminated by sleep apnea surgery, positive pressure ventilation becomes unnecessary. Thus, separate bedrooms are a thing of the past.

No deformation of the face

Every sleep apnea patient who has been treated with a CPAP mask for several years knows it: The face begins to deform. It usually starts with imprints that do not disappear even during the day and gets worse from year to year. Both jaws, which naturally receive horizontal growth spurts, are pushed back and squeezed. As a result, the airways narrow all the more. By eliminating the cause with our causal therapy method, the breathing mask is no longer necessary and the airways are sufficiently widened.

More upright head posture

People with narrowed airways are not only prone to obstructive sleep apnea, but also to hyperextension of the head. This constant malpositioning of the head also affects other regions of the body. A bimaxillary advancement with CounterClockwise rotation eliminates the constriction of the airway and the body usually regains its optimal posture in a very short time. Here is a clinical example.

Cardiovascular risk at normal level

The risk of cardiovascular disease in sleep apnea patients is many times higher than in non-affected patients despite CPAP therapy. By eliminating the cause with the bimaxillary advancement with rotation, the cardiovascular risk decreases to a normal level.

Tinnitus is reduced

Both regular snoring due to sleep apnea and misalignment of the jaws can be the cause of tinnitus or at least promote this condition. Simultaneous correction of skeletal jaw misalignment and widening of the airways eliminates two possible causes of tinnitus.

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Cure sleep apnea: successful treatment without mask

In the past, sleeping with a CPAP mask or a bite splint was the only way to treat the symptoms of sleep apnea superficially. Today, however, the cause of obstructive breathing disorder can be completely and permanently eliminated with a change in the jaw structure. The procedure is minimally invasive and is performed using piezosurgery.

If you would now like to know whether the causal therapy can also be applied to you, take the self-test. After filling out the online questionnaire, we will provide you with an initial assessment. For a subsequent free initial consultation, please contact us. We will discuss your initial situation and present the treatment without mask in detail.

Even before we meet in person, you can learn more about us and the treatment method in our well-maintained blog section.

Sleep apnea treatment without mask - scope of therapy:

  • 3D planning for surgical elimination of obstructive sleep apnea.
  • 3D planning of the aesthetic result in corrections of jaw malpositions
  • Analysis and correction of postural defects
  • Bone augmentation in the maxillofacial region
  • Correction of airway narrowing
  • Analysis and elimination of turbulence in the posterior airway space

The airway before and after sleep apnea surgery (bimaxillary advancement with CounterClockwise rotation).

By advancing both jaws, the obstruction (narrowing) of the airway was corrected. After sleep apnea surgery (bimaxillary advancement), there is sufficient space in the airways and this patient no longer experiences breathing pauses during sleep. With sleep apnea therapy, affected patients benefit from numerous advantages and increase their quality of life many times over.

Sleep apnea, airway dilated by bimaxillary rotation Advancement

What do our already cured patients report?

On this page you will find testimonials from many of our patients who have already been successfully cured of their sleep apnea.