Cured sleep apnea patient
Jörg Maschler

Cured from sleep apnea on 28.12.2016

"One year later... I'm sitting at home in the living room with a delicious cappuccino and reviewing the past year in my mind. A year with many ups and some downs.
Yes, it was right and good for me to have my upper and lower jaw completely cut off and screwed back on a good 2cm further forward. Yes, it was right and good to have me operated on at the Seegartenklinik, because I have since learned from one or the other via my blog that a lot can go wrong. In my opinion, Dr. Frey is an absolutely perfect specialist in this field and, in addition to his many years of experience and expertise, he is always calm, focused and relaxed. This is especially important when something doesn't quite work out as planned. I had consultations with many doctors and with none did I have so much trust and confidence that it would go well as with Dr. Frey. Because he does not see the disease as a specialist detached, but the complex relationships that are associated with it, such as high blood pressure, poor posture of the spine, diabetes, depression and much more into the treatment and the person and recovery and not the disease are in the foreground.

I will never forget the overwhelming feeling of suddenly being able to breathe properly without resistance - finally being able to breathe freely. On the one hand, I was feeling bad after this difficult surgical procedure, but on the other hand, I was overjoyed to be able to breathe freely. The difference was huge for me and many times greater than I had hoped for.

All the problems associated with the surgical procedure have now faded into the background. My health is better than ever before. I am fit as a fiddle and feel light and free. My weight has now settled down to 90 kg at 1.88m tall. A year ago I was 118 kg. I can now breathe freely, do sports, fall asleep without fear. No snoring, no fatigue, no high blood pressure, 80% less tension in the spine.... Getting 6 x more air has not only shrunk my weight drastically, it has also given me an unimagined lightness and effortlessness in everything I do in everyday life and otherwise, too, for which I am very grateful."