Matthias Giese

Cured from sleep apnea on 06.12.2017

For years I had suffered from severe sleep disorders, combined with extreme snoring, sweating, multiple trips to the toilet per night, severe neck and back pain(cervical spine syndrome). My performance was very limited. I weighed 122 kg, had high blood pressure and prediabetes, my sports activities were negatively affected by constant shortness of breath.

A visit to the specialist and the sleep laboratory then revealed the cause: severe sleep apnea with an AHI of 46 and breathing pauses of up to 2 minutes. Then I was to be treated with a
with a sleep mask. That was the absolute horror, now I had to struggle with the mask all night, there was only a slight improvement.
That's why I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Frey at the SeegartenKlinik in Heidelberg. I got the recommendation after research on the Internet from the Society for the Cure of Sleep Apnea.

With Dr. Frey, I felt excellently advised and in very good hands from the very beginning. At the initial appointment, extensive examinations were performed and the doctor took a lot of time.

I quickly decided that I would have the surgery as soon as possible, despite the high cost.

On 06.12.2017 it was then so far. The surgery went without complications, but was already the hammer. But if you want to be beautiful and healthy, you have to suffer sometimes.
Despite the great pain and swelling - the super care in the clinic helped me get over it. I slept much better the first night. And that's how it
And so it continued, the healing process was excellent, on 13.12.2017 I was already back in the office.

In the meantime, I am a new person, weigh 20 kg less, I no longer snore and sleep very well. I no longer have neck and back pain, my blood pressure is excellent with only one medication at half the dose, and my blood sugar levels are back in the normal range without medication. This was also all confirmed by a CBC in January 2018. My primary care physician was stunned. The sleep lab report in June 2018 also confirmed the cure (AHI below 5 per hour). Sports are really fun again and I am fully capable.

I can only recommend the SeegartenKlinik and Dr. Frey, the surgery is worth it. One more tip for all those who decide to have the operation: During the healing process, you should strictly adhere to the doctor's instructions with a strong will. For me, this was also a guarantee of success.

Matthias Giese