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Rainer Mueller

cured from sleep apnea

After a cancer operation in 2018 and subsequent radiation, I felt very weak overnight at the end of 2014 and began to snore very strongly. An examination in the sleep laboratory brought the certainty of over 30 breathing pauses at night. The diagnosis of sleep apnea with the increased risk of a heart attack, as well as the associated weakness and drowsiness, brought me to a CPAP mask. This was to keep my airways clear during sleep and supply me with more oxygen.

Unfortunately, I had enormous problems with this mask and the loud device.

Based on a lot of research on the Internet and several conversations with clinics in Germany and neighboring countries, a preliminary discussion took place at the Seegarten Clinic with Dr. Frey.

He determined that the obstructive sleep apnea was only part of the problem because my trachea was very small in diameter due to the cancer surgery and associated radiation. This resulted in little oxygen supply not only at night but also during the day!

Since I had great confidence in Dr. Frey, I decided to have the sleep apnea surgery at the Seegartenklinik, where a jaw shift took place. This surgery under general anesthesia was very intense! The upper and lower jaws were loosened and repositioned according to previous calculations! The new positions were stabilized with 6 titanium plates, which were removed from me 10 months later.

Unfortunately, I could only eat liquid food for the first 8 weeks, which caused me to lose 14 kilos. From the first day on, I no longer needed a CPAP mask and had no pain due to the good care, especially by nurse Violetta.

The surgery was a complete success and I am very grateful to Dr. Frey, because now I am cured, accordingly I have very good new oxygen levels during the day and at night. Also the snoring is completely gone and I sleep like a "baby"!

Thus, I was more than satisfied with the surgery as well as the treatment by Dr. Frey!!! When talking about points of criticism, it must be mentioned that there are organizational things in this clinic that absolutely need to be improved. This concerns the care on the ward (without nurse Violetta, as already mentioned, many things would not run smoothly).

This concerns the clarification during the preliminary consultation:
- long follow-up treatment by an orthodontist
- Billing mode with the health insurance!!!!

This also applies to the clinic organization in the patient reception:
- All super nice and friendly, only partly a bit chaotic!

However, since Dr. Frey is an absolute expert and specialist, and the surgery went very well, one gladly accepts these things.

Rainer Mueller