patient cured from sleep apnea
Thomas Schulz

cured from sleep apnea on 06.11.2019

As a service technician, I travel a lot by car and knew that microsleep is a consequence of sleep apnea. Therefore, I was also afraid for my job. During a BAD examination, which was carried out every year on behalf of my company, I was no longer given permission to drive a forklift. Thereupon I went to Mannheim to the sleep laboratory and it became with me Sleep apnea determined. I should take a breathing mask and then everything would be fine. Thank God, I have not tolerated this mask at any time. Whenever I tried to take this mask, I had panic attacks or thought I was suffocating.

I had high blood pressure, obesity, very loud snoring, mild diabetes, and as I said, breathing stops. I felt tired and unable to perform almost every day.

Dr. Frey and the positive testimonials on the website of the Seegartenklinik took away my fear. That is why today I am ready to share my experience with others.

I don't know how many consultations Dr. Frey has had before me, but the way he explained everything to me was sensational. In this three-hour consultation, even a layman understands how and what is done in this surgery. He was the first doctor to explain to me the consequences of sleep apnea, for example how and why I developed high blood pressure. His team of doctors at the Seegartenklinik also advised me very well and explained the possible complications of such an operation.

I had already thought that such an operation would not be a walk in the park. But through the great testimonials on the website of the Seegartenklinik I was already well prepared for the surgery and from the excellent clinic staff I was very well cared for at all times. Of course, the first two days were very difficult and painful, but by the third night I was able to sleep soundly. I have not experienced this for a long time. All of a sudden I was able to breathe, which was amazing. With each day it got a little better and better, you need time and patience.

On 06.11.2019 I was operated, on 06.05.2020 I had the material removal, both operations went very well and I had for my sensation only little pain or it was due to the great painkillers I have come at any time. After this operation, of course, the position of the teeth must be adjusted with the help of braces and elastics. Unfortunately, I have to wear these braces a little longer, but only because I have not worn the elastics regularly, but I think I am in good treatment with the orthodontist Dr. Frey.

I have to say that everything Dr. Frey promised me in our consultation has really come true. I am cured of sleep apnea, I have not taken any blood pressure medication since April, I have lost over 12 kg, the diabetes is also gone, I no longer snore and I feel really fit. With today's knowledge and the experiences I have made, I would have the sleep apnea surgery with Dr. Frey again at any time. My new life can begin, thank you once again to Dr. Frey and his team at the Seegartenklinik.