Dietmar Keyser

Cured from sleep apnea on 24.03.2018

"My name is Dietmar Keyser. I will be 75 years old at the beginning of August and was operated on March 14, 2018 with the so-called bimaxillary "Rotation Advancement" in the SeegartenKlinik. This surgical method involved a counterclockwise rotation of the maxillary and mandibular complex, while of course maintaining the position of the teeth. This operation was performed because I had breathing pauses during sleep and therefore more space had to be created in the throat so that the tongue could no longer cover the access to the trachea during sleep. My severe obstructive sleep apnea was thus cured.

I have exercised all my life and still had high blood pressure, which I had to keep down with tablets for 45 years. I no longer take any medicine now, which also applies to the onset of old-age diabetes. Also, despite exercising, my body weight was always a bit too high, which I'm sure could have been due to sleep apnea! To get to my current, good physical condition, I had to endure a terrible ordeal.

About 5 years ago, the nocturnal breathing pauses had such a negative effect on my condition that my lung doctor referred me to a sleep laboratory. There I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea and given a breathing apparatus with a mask, which caused me to suffocate the first night in the sleep lab. The nurse then removed the mask to try another device the next night. Supposedly, the measured results would be good, but this was not confirmed at home. The nights were usually worse with the device than without.

From August 2015 to May 2016, I continued to struggle until one night I thought I was having a heart attack and was admitted to hospital with emergency services. Two weeks later, the same emergency admission, which was fortunately 'only' longer breathing stops. In the hospital they came to the conclusion that this disease could only be solved in a sleep laboratory. Another visit to another sleep lab did not bring any other results. In desperation, I came across the surgical method on the Internet.

The attempt to try my luck with the alleged inventor of this surgery in Switzerland was rejected by the health insurance. There in Switzerland I also met the managing director of the Gesellschaft zur Heilung der Schlafapnoe mbH (Society for the Cure of Sleep Apnea), Mr. Heiko Musiolik, who accompanied me on the further way to the cure of my sleep apnea with advice and action. I can summarize, supported by my painful experiences until the cure, only advise everyone affected to also go my way! Of course health insurances, at least legal ones, are usually not ready to take over the costs! But if money is available, one should consider that money on the bank or as left inheritance stands against a healthy life in still many beautiful years!"